TURQUOISE lamps are specially designed for places where intense visual work is done and where a lot of precision is required. They are ideal for machine or electric maintenance workshops. TURQUOISE light quality, a DURO-TEST exclusive, sharpens vision, reduces eyestrain and increases efficiency, revealing details that are not usually seen with an ordinary light. Smallest details can be seen without eyestrain. Places where TURQUOISE light is used are places where fewer headaches are experienced and better results are obtained. Delicate assemblies are made with more precision and inspection is faster and more accurate. Wherever a perfect visibility is needed, TURQUOISE light facilitates operations and makes them safer.

  • Cartoonists prefer fresh TURQUOISE tone because it is easy on the eyes.

  • TURQUOISE reduces the fatigue caused by the brightness of metal surfaces, glassware and instruments.

  • Less eyestrain is required in accounting operations and while handling money and checks in banks and offices.

  • It helps preserve the sight of both young and old people, and improves mood in schools, workshops, laboratories, etc.

  • It has an extra strong structure for durability.

Like all Duro-Test fluorescent tubes, TURQUOISE is built to withstand the conditions of commercial and industrial use. It has a long life and is guaranteed for up to 36 months. It will save you money by reducing maintenance and replacement costs. TURQUOISE is manufactured for T-8 systems of 32 watts, with quick start and a 4 feet size (1.22 m). Due to its quality, durability, and clinical benefits for the sight, TURQUOISE by Duro-Test is your best acquisition.


VITA-LITE fluorescent lamps, a DURO-TEST exclusive, replicate with great fidelity natural sunlight. Conventional fluorescent lamps have characteristics of light that show distorted colors because they don’t have emission at different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. VITA-LITE is the fluorescent lamp, which has an emission of different wavelengths that make up the electromagnetic spectrum in a very similar way to sunlight. By simulating the visible and ultraviolet full spectrum of natural sunlight, Vita-Lite promotes the good work like no other light source produced by men. Just like the air and water, light can also be contaminated. The light produced by men, by its very nature is contaminated with an inherent shortage in the color balance and ultraviolet light needed to produce a white, pure and uncontaminated natural light. Even the light from the outside loses its whiteness as it passes through the dust and the smog.

Better light for a better job

Research with school children showed that those working under ultraviolet light are slightly more alert; they are able to do more and better work, and develop better fatigue resistance. According to many studies, efficiency, welfare, behavior and happiness depend on light and vision. Good lighting helps maintain the minimum absenteeism, encourages dynamism and constant activity, and promotes good order and cleanliness.

Outdoors light inside

VITA-LITE offers inside, what unpolluted white sunlight provides on the outside: The full visible and ultraviolet spectrum. It is the whitest fluorescent light that has been created to date. We see better under VITA-LITE because all objects appear as they would outside, on a sunny day, under the pleasant shade of a tree.

Seeing color contrast

Correct color performance is essential for seeing properly. For example, a light with a very exaggerated component of red tones will show red details of a coffee-like color and can reduce the perception of other details. A light with too much of one color (such as yellow or orange) will exaggerate that color and will distort all others. Likewise, a source with very low or no emission of a specific color, will also distort the vision of objects with that color. Many common objects, particularly textiles, papers and plastics are subtly fluorescent. Under a light source that has no ultraviolet emission like natural light, these objects cannot be seen with complete accuracy. They contain details that will be displayed fully only when they are illuminated by natural sunlight, or lamps VITA-LITE. VITA-LITE fluorescent lamps provide light emission characteristics that are virtually identical to natural sunlight for an excellent color definition.

  • Chromatic performance of 91%. The highest available for any light source of this type.

  • Better color definition than other light sources.

  • Light maintenance of over 80% throughout its life.

  • Color temperature of 5500º Kelvin, equal to that of natural sunlight.

  • Emission of full spectrum, including the beneficial part of ultraviolet light.

  • Long life: up to 40,000 hours.

  • Free replacement warranty for investment protection.


Our exclusive VIANDELUX lamp is specially designed to highlight the details of red, white and pink tones in products. Since red meat improves its appearance and visual appeal with this type of light, VIANDELUX is the best option available for meat exhibitors in department stores, butcher shops or restaurants.

Exhibidores de productos de carne, ya que resaltan los detalles de tonos rojos, blancos, y rosas, mejorando la apariencia de estos productos.


  • It improves and enhances the appearance of meat products and sausages.

  • Light maintenance of over 80% throughout its life.

  • Available for T-8 sets of 32 watts.

  • Long life: up to 40,000 hours.

  • Free replacement warranty for investment protection.


All Duro-Test products with Aurora V light quality offer a bright white light with an excellent color definition for a better working environment in offices, schools and industries.


  • Bright white light, ideal for work environments in offices, schools and businesses.

  • Color rendering index of 85%: Best color definition than other light sources.

  • Light maintenance of over 80% throughout its life.

  • Color temperature of 5000° Kelvin, equal to that of natural sunlight.

  • Available in LEDs, fluorescent tubes and energy-saving lamps.

  • Free replacement warranty for investment protection. 

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