The modulate package is a 13 watts Duro-Test Aurora V integrated cabinet. Ideal for interiors where white and bright light is required, to illuminate small spaces or for additional light in some workspaces.


The TWINPAC package is a sealed cabinet for interior or exterior use. It features exclusive DURO-TEST AURORA V light quality. The ideal package for areas where a white, bright and high performance color light is needed, and where dust, humidity and steam are present.


The IP68 CYLINDER package is a tubular sealed cabinet for internal or external use. It has Duro-Test exclusive AURORA V light quality. Its degree of protection can handle extreme humidity and high pressure wash.


The OFFICEPAC package is a luminary for interior use, to be embedded in 61 x 61cm soffits. The package includes Aurora V lamps, the ideal light type to work in schools and offices, since it has a very similar tone to the one from sunlight and allows seeing colors with great precision.


The Lumilab package is a luminary for interior use to be embedded in soffits of over 30 x 120 cm. This package has been developed for “clean rooms” lighting in pharmaceutical industry, therefore it makes it is dust and steam proof and it can be washed with pressurized water. Furthermore, it includes our exclusive AURORA V light quality, and it contains high efficiency reflective sheets for a better lighting.


The ALUMAX lighting for superimposing or hanging for interior use, is ideal for offices, schools, production and assembly areas, where intense visual work is done. It includes the exclusive AURORA V light quality, ideal for any activity, since it has a similar tone to the one from sunlight.


The MAXLITE package is an industrial luminary for high montages. It is assembled with reflecting high quality aluminum foils that concentrate the light from the lamps to allow the montage of the luminary at great heights. It is an excellent alternative to substitute the illumination of lamps with metallic additives, with important advantages in re-power on times, energy savings, and light quality.

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