LED technology is revolutionizing the lighting market. Duro de México stands at the forefront in the development of long-lasting unique products in the Mexican market. Products with Duro-Test LEDs have very low power consumption, a great light emission and a high color-rendering index. Thanks to their electronic and thermal components of unsurpassed quality, they have a real life of up to 50,000 hours of use.


  • Low-power consumption and high efficiency.

  • Products from 3 to 460 watts.

  • Designed specifically for the Mexican market.

  • Environmental protection.

  • They last 20 times longer than ordinary bulbs.

  • Chip On Board 4th generation Duro Test Modules.


Duro-Test LED strips are a modern, economical and practical choice for accent, indirect lighting or for window dressing. Designed to operate with direct current, these LED strips can be attached to any surface for countless applications.


They are the best solution to replace conventional fluorescent tubes used for lighting goods and objects at close range. The main advantage of LED tubes is energy saving (over 50%), and their long life (50,000 hours).


Reliable, high quality products, perfect for lighting hotels, restaurants and other commercial applications that require a compact light source with a long life and low maintenance.


These lamps offer great versatility because they are easily adaptable to the specific needs of each customer and each application. Their long life, light level conservation, light quality and improved optics make them an unparalleled choice for offices, hotels, exhibitors and all kinds of commercial shops where timely and elegant lighting is required.


A wide range of assembled luminaries with the best electronic components, heat dissipators and last generation Chip-on-board DUROLEDs that asure a real life of at least 50 thousand hours even in the most demanding working conditions. Know our Alumax, Officepack, Maxiled, Cromaled, CromaledXP, Weatherled and Prismaled PV luminaries.


The autonomous emergency DURO TEST lamp has been designed to meet the basic needs of lighting in workspaces or household when a fault occurs in the power supply, as it provides support for more than 18 hours. With a weight of 1.5 kilos, it can also serve as a portable LED flashlight for camping or emergencies in your car or recreational vehicle.

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