Ideal quality and quantity of light for each application.


The Duro-test fluorescent tubes are the best option in cost, performance, and durability, thanks to the outstanding quality of their prime materials. In addition to a long life, they offer the maintenance of at least 85% of its luminous flow, tone and color uniformity and the widest range of colors for lights. They were designed to fulfill the most demanding needs of the industry and the commerce of the country.


  • The widest range of colors: Aurora III, Aurora IV, Daylite Plus, Vita-Lite, Turquoise and Viandelux.

  • Up to 30,000 real hours of use.

  • Luminic depreciation rate of less than 15%.

  • Cromatic yield index of at least 85%.

  • Eco friendly.


Duro-Test T-5 fluorescent tubes are the best cost-benefit option in the market, thanks to their outstanding quality material, they guarantee, additional long life and maintenance of at least 85% of its luminous flux, tone and color uniformity during all its useful life. They are specially design to decrease frequent lamps replacement and reduce related maintenance and labor costs.


T-8 Duro Test energy saving systems, offer savings of up to 33% against T-12 systems and have a useful life between 3 and 5 times more than conventional products. Duro Mexico has the widest range of colors, designed for specific applications that generate important savings and big economic benefits to our clients. They eliminate the constant lamps changes, maintenance expenses and associated labor costs.


Duro-Test offers the only T-12 lamps that meet the requirements of the NOM-028. Available in our exclusive turquoise colors and Vita-Lite. The best option for clients who, due to their budget cannot migrate to more efficient technologies (T-5, T-8 or LED’s). Like all our fluorescent lamps, they use matches that emit a higher quality of light and a 85% efficiency throughout its life.


They are plastic made and due to their characteristics, they do not discolor or degrade. Its cover design keeps a free space between the lamp and the cover, a “free zone” that diffuses the heat, helps resist impact and increases the plastic cover life. Available in two versions, Duro-Shield lamps with cover attached to the tube and Duro-Guard lamps ensemble with two fire resistant polyester caps.


The Duro-Test conversion kit replaces T-12 lamps for T-8 lamps and T-8 lamps for T-5 lamps, without luminary changing. The T-12 to T-8 kit has two pairs of Bl-Pin G13 lamp holders and steel sheets with epoxy paint covering to eliminate Slim-Line lamp holders without making perforations or modifications in the luminary. The T-8 to T-5 kit is simply inserted into each end of the lamp.



    TURQUOISE lamps are specially designed for places where intense visual work is done and where a lot of precision is required. They are ideal for machine or electric maintenance workshops.

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    VIANDELUX fluorescent lamps are specifically designed for meat products displays, because they highlight their red, white and pink details, while enhancing the appearance of these products.

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    VITA-LITE is a fluorescent lamp, which emits light at different wavelengths that make up an electromagnetic spectrum very similar to the one from the sun.

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    Duro-Test’s Aurora V lamps offer a bright white light, with an excellent color definition for a better work environment in offices, schools and other industries.

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